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On the outskirts of the deep, dark forest, Olga stood with the gifts of the three animals, and she felt more and more nervous every second as she continued on her quest to save her brother. It wasn’t long until she saw an old, dark, broken house. It had circular windows like the eyes of a gigantic snake and a gaping letterbox that looked like the mouth of a screaming ghost. The spooky house was standing on three clawed chicken legs and it whispered “Go away. Baba Yaga lives here.”. But Olga would do anything for her brother Sergei,  so she climbed up one of the chicken legs. 

When she reached the top, Olga saw that the smashed door was open a crack so she pushed it and it opened with an eerie shriek. She gulped hard, and as her eyes adjusted to the light of the dying candles she saw an old, dusty broom with a strange glow on the tip of the brush. Near that was an old, nasty table with a 3ft pile of rotting bones, stacked as messily as lava spitting out of a full-blast volcano. And on the floor in front of her was….Sergei!!

by Oscar Duce

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