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Arthur’s Chapter 2

I  GET   THE    SON!  I  GET   THE   SON!  said the   prince  &  Rodopis.  I’ll  take  the   son  said   rodopis   calmly. Well   take  him   snapped  the  prince .  So  rodopis   marched  off  to  the  pyramid  with  her  son. Her sons name  was Miles. As they entered, the  gloomy  place  shuddered then CRASH!! She  turned around  and   saw  the  door  was  closed. She  and   her  son  were  trapped. Meanwhile  the prince  sat  on  the  end  of  his  bed. He   was  thinking  about  the argument. Why  did  she  get  the  son  thought the  prince. Then  a  maid  burst in. Your  son  and  wife  are  trapped  in  the  pyramid ! The  pharoh  jumped   up  from his  bed . The mummy! It wakes  every  year. Maid, what  day  is  it  ? Threth  the  first  said the  maid . The  pharaohs  face  turned  as white  as  foam. Meanwhile   very  near Miles  and Rodopis   a  coffin lid  flew  open , then  two  red  eyes  opened up.  GRRRR!! What  was  that?   said  rodopis  slowly. She  walked cautiously. Then  as  she  took  one  more step,  two  hands  touched  her,   then  two  red  eyes  beamed  up.  A  MUMMY !!! shouted Rodopis . They   ran  and  ran. They  saw  light  up  flights of  stairs. Up  here  said  Rodopis. Then  they  ran  through  the  light.  AHHHHH!!!  They  were  falling  all   down  the  pyramid. It  was  lucky  the  Nile river  was  there. The  prince ran to  the  bank  and pulled  her  out. I’m  sorry  they  said.

Harris singing ‘In the jungle, the mighty jungle’

Arthur’s Pyramid Story

Some messages from the past! Can you decipher them?

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